You’ve heard the expression “what goes on behind the scenes stays behind the scenes.” But good news! We’re breaking the rules to give you insider access to our most recent video shoot.

With the help of the Montreal-based Marrone Films, we shot 6 video clips in 3 days. They will soon be posted on the Web and social media for your (and our!) viewing pleasure. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the Dutailier world and draw all the inspiration needed for your future nursery.

Read on to learn how this project came about and to discover our 5 best anecdotes from the shoot!

Montreal’s Beautiful Old Port and All of Its Staircases!

Four of our videos were filmed in a gorgeous rented penthouse in Montreal’s Old Port. While the location was beautiful, the three-storied spiral staircase (no elevator) was much less appealing!

escalier en colimaçon dans une maison

Thankfully, our furniture and gliders were covered, which made it much easier to carry them to the third floor. We had seven different pieces of furniture for filming, including the popular Classico glider and Pomelo crib. The idea was to recreate a full nursery to show how smoothly our chairs glide and to demonstrate why we are so very proud of our furniture, handmade in Quebec.

chambre de bébé grise et blanche avec bassinette, chaises berçante en bois et bureau 3 tiroirs.

Silence on Set! Action!

Meet Roman and Lisa, our (fake) couple who are about to be (fake) parents. They are professional actors, but it’s easy to believe they’re a real, happy couple. We won’t spoil anything, but let’s just say that their scenes are full of emotion! The video draws a nice parallel between pregnancy and the creation of a glider.

couple amoureux et femme enceinte.

A young star named Elliot also graced the stage. The barely 5-week-old baby was incredible during filming. Maybe because he spent most of his time being rocked in one of our gliders? If so, he wasn’t the only one! All members of the team enjoyed being able to take their breaks and sit in our comfortable gliders.


On the second day, we filmed with another family (a real one this time!). A Dutailier employee, her spouse, and their 2-year-old and 5-year-old daughters agreed to play along. Their mission? Explain how easy it is to transform your convertible crib into a daybed or a single bed.

Parents qui préparent la chambre de leur enfant en faisant le lit simple

We also took advantage of the rental home to film two explanatory videos about our gliders.

The last day of filming took place at our two factories. Dutailier employs nearly 130 experienced tradespeople in our factories who have been with us for 20 years on average. We wanted to introduce you to our valuable colleagues, who build our furniture with the greatest attention to detail, and to show you what they do on a daily basis! Of course, our factories are equipped with high-performance machines, robots, and tools to ensure quality. However, you will discover why we are so proud to say that, after 40 years in the business, our furniture is still handmade!

Contremaître d'usine qui se prépare à faire un tournage vidéo


The 5 Best Anecdotes from the Shoot

  1. On the first day, it took more than 14 hours to shoot all the scenes for only one video. The celebrity lifestyle isn’t easy!
  2. Filming with young children is not always a cakewalk. Taping down a phone in the crib, a sweet treat, and a well-deserved stuffed animal—all tips to get the perfect shot!
  3. We forgot two pieces of furniture that were needed for the shoot at our head office. Since we were in Montreal with a tight deadline, it was impossible for us to go back and get them. Oops! Thankfully, movie magic saved the day!
  4. Our new showroom at the head office became the ideal location to shoot one of our videos. It was not our initial plan, but in film, you need to know how to improvise!
  5. The day of filming in the factory was a real race against the clock! Ten minutes before the factory closed for the day, we still had to shoot an entire scene and had a lot of technical equipment to install. What a feat!


femme qui se fait filmer en train de démontrer l'usage d'une chaise berçante en bois
Employé d'usine qui se fait filmer en train de scier du bois

femme enceinte qui regarde par la fenêtre

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